Where 7: It’s A Trap!

Mousetraps, clickbait, bait cars, catfishing, pee tapes, booby traps, deadfalls, Cambridge Analytica, and our very own newspaper. 


Where 6: Prediction

We launch a cryptocurrency with Sarah Meyohas, and share some speculations on the NSA’s recycling program, shopping on Ambien, and more.


Where 5: Interpassivity

We open our shipping container to anyone, to do anything; initiate a blackmail campaign against galleries; and host a parasite dinner. With Tyler Coburn.


Where 4: Constraint

Spinning wheel of death, brought to life; one-on-one instructional encounters with a kidnapping expert; algorithmic compositions. With Jeremy Couillard, Brock Enright, and Siebren Versteeg.


Where 3: Coming Soon

Curator Jenny Jaskey models the subprime mortgage crisis through an exhibition that is also a tradable financial product. Exhibition date TBA.


Where 2: Recursion

Bootlegged bootlegs: A.E. Benenson hosts an unauthorized screening of Hitchcock’s Psycho, rebroadcasted on the internet as Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho.


Where 1: Combinatorics

Will three different sculptures combine to make one super-sculpture? Let’s find out.