Where 7: It’s A Trap!

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Press Release

December 14, 2018 - February 19, 2019

An exhibition on traps: mousetraps, clickbait, bait cars, catfishing, pee tapes, booby traps, deadfalls, Cambridge Analytica, and our very own newspaper. 

To explore how traps operate within the field of art, we engaged eight artists to lay their snares across the city: David BrooksNathaniel de Large / Colleen TuiteDevin KennyLucy LindseyMarie LorenzPooneh Maghazehe, and Jessie Stead. Finding them requires our newspaper, whose verso is a map by Drew Gillespie of Bobo. From sculptures lodged inside arcade claw-games, to luxury cruises of disappearing islands, the works in this show tempted viewers to take the bait.