Where 6: Prediction

with Sarah Meyohas

Bitchcoin Press Release (2015)

Stacks Press Release (2017)

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For Where 6 we launched “BitchCoin,” a digital currency developed with Sarah Meyohas, a young artist who, fresh out of Wharton Business School, headed straight into Yale’s MFA program. BitchCoins can be bought online with US dollars, much like any currency; more importantly, BitchCoins can be exchanged in perpetuity for Meyohas’ future photographic prints, at a fixed rate of 1 BitchCoin to 25 square inches. Investing in BitchCoin is investing in Meyohas. 

After consulting all of our trusted indicators, Meyohas emerged as one of the most bankable future voices in contemporary art.  Where felt so confident in our prediction method that we quite literally invested our exhibition budget directly into her practice, through the purchase of the BitchCoins. We invited patrons to get in on the ground floor of this compelling opportunity.

BitchCoin was at the heart of Where 6, an exhibition that investigates  prediction. Where acted as the incubator and adviser for Meyohas’ unique financial product, and our shipping container was the base station for the cryptographic “mining” operation which produces the BitchCoins. Only 200 BitchCoins were offered—rewarding those who acted fast.