Special Events

Off-site performances, collaborations with artists, cotton candy disasters, et al.


Cotton Candy Competition at SculptureCenter

In 1897, a dentist named William Morrison invented a small mechanical centrifuge that would melt and extrude sugar as tiny filaments of “floss.” Millions of cavities later, we continue to relish cotton candy in all its simplicity: sugar and food coloring, flung in circles and gathered on a paper cone, amidst a whirlwind of carnival sounds, disorienting rides, and what may be best described as a cornucopia of debauchery. Our booth at SculptureCenter’s LIC Block Party is a paean to these simple pleasures of summer.


Where presents… at the Jewish Museum

Featured in a special evening of performances as part of the "Unorthodox" exhibition at the Jewish Museum. Art Historian Lucy Hunter (PhD candidate, Yale University) and Composer Raphael Amadeus Frankenstien (Juilliard, Vienna, Miami) join forces for a delightful rendition of recent research into mid-century management theory and being your most creative self, that you can be.


Eye in the Sky Hold’em with Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown transformed Where’s shipping container into a tournament-style poker lounge, where players wagered artwork. Our webcam became a portal for spies and accomplices, with strangers calling in tips and sabotage.


David Horvitz’s “Cigarette Beetle (Lasioderma serricorne)”

Horvitz worked around the clock for three days to compile an editioned group show in the form of archival boxes filled with works from two dozen international artists. These “valises” were mailed as unsolicited donations to 31 museum libraries around the world .



It was created deep within academia during the twilight years of the USSR, a doomed attempt to reveal the golden ratio for the elimination of hidden threats. The experiment comprised a short set of provocative instructions administered to a small group of test subjects. However, what started as research into the mathematics of suspicion quickly morphed into a viral party game and a global phenomenon that spread with a rapidity rare for pre-Internet memes. By the mid-’90s,