December 26, 2015 

It was created deep within academia during the twilight years of the USSR, a doomed attempt to reveal the golden ratio for the elimination of hidden threats. The experiment comprised a short set of provocative instructions administered to a small group of test subjects. However, what started as research into the mathematics of suspicion quickly morphed into a viral party game and a global phenomenon that spread with a rapidity rare for pre-Internet memes. By the mid-’90s, Latvian TV had an entire game show built around it. In 2006, a school inquiry was launched in New Hampshire after parents complained of the traumatic effects it was having on their fifth-grade children.

All form and no content, the game eventually assumed the skin of multiple narratives. It is now known by multiple names, of which Mafia and Werewolf are just two. However, the conceit always remains the same, as an investigation into the dynamics of mob mentality: a paranoid group attempts to discover the hidden enemy pretending to be one of them…

If you find your holidays lacking intrigue and threat, or just too jolly, join us for rounds of deception and carnage every hour, on the hour, from 8-11pm. We will be playing a late 2011 version known as “ mudboy’s Wolf! ” If you have never played this version—or any version—fear not, the game will explain itself as its is played.

Either way, there is nothing to new to learn that isn’t already inside of us:
Lies, deceit, scapegoating, magical thinking, and the ever-present lure of mob bloodshed.

Potions will be on hand to ease the transition.

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Where/Wolf: in the round

May 12, 2017

Where hosted a very small gathering of upstanding characters to play a simple party game with dangerous implications.